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Crew member on GBR407T Genie

SHIP'S LOG 1200hrs . Currently 4 miles off Start Point doing 5 knots over the ground. We have astiff breeze of 19 knots but have been fighting adverse tide until now. What a difference a day makes. After yesterday's flat sea and measuredwind we're currently ploughing through a lumpy sea with the smallest ofour genoas hoisted. Throughout the course of the morning we've gone fromour medium weight jib to our heavy weight and then, as the wind continuedto build, we eventually hoisted the number 3, designed to keep us morebalanced and stable in winds over about 14 knots. Switching to the smallersail and lashing the bigger one to the deck took three of us. We spentthat ten minutes on the foredeck submarining under waves of quite warmwater. Stings the eyes a bit though. It's been a bumpy morning not without its casualties. One crew memberdidn't keep his breakfast down - no names - but the rest of us areenjoying the roller coaster ride. We think our tactics overnght paid off. When I came on watch at midnightwe were going nowhere, just lolling about just off Portland Bay. We'dgambled on coming inshore whilst a lot of the fleet on the horizon wereheading out to sea. It meant a nervous wait for the tide to change to seeif we'd make the right choice, but seemed to have paid dividends when itdid. A fierce tide in the bay whipped round once it turned in our favour,propelling us round the corner and across Lyme Bay at a fast rate ofknots. Most of the crew have spent the morning sitting up on the high side of theboat to try to keep it flatter and more under control. It's a wet andwindy place to sit but the banter is entertaining. Sausage sandwiches forbreakfast too!

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