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Crew Member on ICAP Leopard

Editor's Note: We loved this Blog - and present it here for you to read it. Read more about the life on board in our Blog section.

Captain’s Blog – 11.08.09 Fastnet Race 2009

......and the dish RAN away with the spoon. RAN currently leading on handicap with ICAP Leopard lying 5th. An exciting night on board. Not quite Edna Everidge at the Hammersmith Palais, but more cries of left and right from the nav station, you would think you were in Mike Tyson’s training camp. We rounded the Fastnet Rock at 01.26 this morning ‘by the light of the silvery moon’ some 35 miles ahead of Beau Geste and RAN. Always a memorable event, rather like my first kiss on Porthchapel Beach!

Chance for a chat with the gorgeous ‘stop calling me’ Shirley Robertson, she of the double Olympic Golds who was the RORC’s siren on the Rock. A big thanks to the RORC team who will endure a long wait in Plymouth before this race is over as most of the fleet is still trying to get round Land’s End. Currently we are 40 miles ahead and slowly stretching our lead sailing at 10 knots on an easterly gybe having decided to keep close to the rhumb line and sticking to that old maxim. Sorry, can’t think of one, too long at sea and the alzheimers is kicking in.

Our ETA in Plymouth is Wednesday morning. Crew are telling wives and girlfriends that it will be Thursday, all hoping for a good night out in Plymouth ‘on the Hoe'.

Love to family and friends,

Mike and all on Leopard


Captain’s Blog – 10.08.09 Fastnet Race 2009

Sitting here beside Hugh Agnew. As one of the world’s very average navigators he assures me that we are currently 8 miles short of the Lizard outbound for the Fastnet Rock. Wind speed has been 13-18 knots from the SW giving boat speeds of 10-13 knots sailing at True Wind Angle of 40-45 degrees. Both Hugh and I will be able to reminisce on our early days spent around Mount’s Bay. I had my first kiss on Porthchapel Beach and happily set me on the right course for life. Hugh on the other hand went one further on Marazion Beach.

Ray Davies brought us out of the Solent quite brilliantly and we have led all the way, passing the Open 60’s, who started two hours before us, at Portland Bill. All the big boats just squeezed through the tide gate at Portland. ICAP Leopard is now some 15 miles ahead of Ran and Beau Geste. After a very light night we are now into a strengthening south westerly and expect a beat all the way to the Fastnet Rock which we expect to be at late tonight (Monday) or early tomorrow morning.

As expected there will be no records this time, rather a slow bumpy ride. Love to all family and friends.


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