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Crew member on GBR4778R EH01

Our first blog entry as night draws in on the Global Yacht Racing, EH01

"Fastnet and Furious" crew in the Rolex Fastnet 2015 race..... Living life

600 miles at a time!

As expected it was a drifting, slow and painful start across the line

(eventually!) with only 2-3 knots of breeze out there, but spirits and

humour were high with a lot of banter between boats passing... calling

"starboard" as we drift past our rivals Northern Child and quotes from

Master and Commander kept us all entertained as we made our way up the

Solent slowly. Talk of eating the vegetarian first if we run out of food

brought about lively debate... lets hope it doesn't come to that!

Great sights to see the big boats working their way through the fleet as

Comanche, Leopard, as well as the SCA girls pass us by with some great

photo opportunities in the light winds.

The good old sea breeze kicking in at almost 3pm on the dot and making it a

great race out of the needles, as all the boats started picking up speed and

choosing their route along the coast. The crew are working well together,

all the training and qualifiers paying off as we start to make ground on the

other boats in the fleet and some great tacking.

But the big dilemma of the day so far though has to be, who ate all the

ginger nuts??!! The packet went up the rail never to return with everyone

claiming they only had one.... as always those back in 'fantasy land' are

blaming the pointy end as that's where they were last seen! With the

foredeck union looking bemused as ever. We may never know, but of course

need to consider changing strategy on biscuit delivery.

With a stunning sunset this evening as we approach Portland, and darkness

now closing in we settle in, the light winds are returning on our first

Fastnet night and of course everyone hoping that the wind will return again.

Spirits are high and everyone is hugging the low side for tactical reasons

only... tactics are critical in a light wind race.

This time it ain't just about being fast!

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