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Crew member on GBR4778R EH01

We are now on the home stretch and team spirits are up with the end in

sight. Following the fabulous rounding of the rock we were on a straight

line run back to the Isles of Scilly on the S1. The sea state has been

pretty wobbly, and the kite relatively unstable but we are holding and

averaging 9-10 knots which is great. The winds are keeping to around 15-18

knots and there is a keen focus on trim.

We are level running with Dorade off to the right of us for sometime,

looking lovely with all her sails out and looks like she's attracted a

helicopter and film crew! We re also catching with the fleet or so it feels

as we start to pick up speed and move past more boats.

Heading into the evening we start to struggle a little to hold the kite, a

mixture of the gusting winds, sea state. Suddenly we hear a pop and

disaster strikes, the spinnaker blows! The team are quick to respond

prepping the halyard, getting the lazy guy and bringing what is left of her

down then raising the J2 and getting the trim to get the best speed. Sadly

for EH01 this is the end of an era as the last OKI spinnaker bites the dust

:( she's done us proud and will be sorely missed!!

With 120 miles to go, we are just waiting for the right moment to get the A1

up and running for the reach back to Plymouth. But then further disaster

strikes when one of the crew runs from the heads to ask where the fresh

toilet roll is? Oh no, we can't be out of toilet paper yet!! Accusations

fly that the Mexican meatballs were a step too far when thankfully we find a

little more, possibly just enough to get us to Plymouth.... here's hoping!!

Meanwhile on deck its amazing how quickly the sight of Dolphins has lost

some of its sparkle!

We are moving fast and furiously to the finish line, we live life 600 miles

at a time, nothing else matters, not the mortgage, not the job, just the

team and racing.

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