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Crew member on GBR4778R EH01

So this is the last leg and the end of the Fastnet 2015 for the Fastnet and

Furious crew on Global Yacht Racings EH01. Looking back its been a race of

two halves with the light winds for the

first half and some stressful times down on the low side and lots of prayers

for wind, constantly tweaking the trim to get the most out of EH01. Then

building up to true Fastnet weather as we left the Isles of Scilly and made

great time to the Fastnet Rock and back to Plymouth for the finish!

From the rounding of the Rock yesterday we have made good time towards the

Isles of Scilly with the J2 slowly picking our way one by one through the

fleet, and then we hoisted the A2 making even greater headway averaging 10

knots in the early hours as we round and head towards The Lizard.

The crew are in great form with lots of banter with the finish in their

minds and thoughts of the cold beer waiting in the beer tent, racing to the

end with everyone up on deck trimming, and hiking its been a great team

effort and a great crew.

With winds building and visibility up and down we are storming furiously

down the south coast on a straight line to Plymouth, as we start to reach

the limit of the A2 we do a peel to the S4, well done by the whole crew it

wasn't a simple peel but was done without fault and the S4 is flying and we

are still trucking along at a great pace to the finish.

This has been a brilliant race, with variety of conditions, an abundance of

dolphins, a great laugh, plenty of banter and just enough toilet paper to

see us to the end!! Lots of challenges all overcome by a great crew and team

effort, that is what yacht racing is all about and why we love it! Big

thanks to the awesome Skipper Andy, fab first mate Andy and EH01/Global

Yacht Racing for a race and Campaign to remember. From the Morgan Cup, to

St Malo and the Channel Race and finally the ultimate event Rolex Fastnet


If you have what it takes, you can have it all! ... see you in the beer

tent :)

Alison Foulds

(super) Crew

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