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Crew member on GBR8338 With Alacrity

Day 5 from the WART Household

Greetings from Bishop's Rock. It's been a little foggy but we are fast

power reaching in 8 knots and now in the last 100 miles and are looking

forward to getting to the finish. Today's debate has been shower or beer

first! The boys came up with beer and shower at the same time!

We had dolphins galore yesterday however the highlight this morning was

that we caught a fish or more accurately a fish appeared on deck.

We have just about run the water tank down but according to Skippy we still

took took too much. GCSE results are in, very well done Jessie from team


After their move at the Scillies, Persephone have been in a fast lane ever

since and sadly no opportunities to get back with them based on current

forecast. We are however barreling towards the finish with the kite up.

There are yelps of 9 knots , 10 knots and the highest 11.5 knots and 14

knots (in Skippy's dreams).

As we come to the finish of Fastnet 2015 what have we learnt;

1. You know when Skippy has been playing with halyards again as the

clutch is open. Oh and you know when Skippy has been in the Galley as

plates and mugs fly across the saloon

2. Mash makes great carrot cake and Guinness cake which saw us through the

early hours

3. Nancy couldn't make the race this year but her jokes from afar always

put a smile on our face

4. The boys packed to many pairs of shreddies. Lord Lud may be scarred

for life after walking into the heads to find Skippy changing his shreddies

and finally......

5. Skippy has learnt his crew are great.

That's it for another year, a big thank you to a fantastic crew who have

trimmed hard and been a fantastic group of people to sail with; Paul

Smalley, Karen Main, Adrian Wright and Ian Luddington. Also to our secret

stowaway "Peng" and baker Mash and shoreside joke provider Nancy and all

all our family and friends who have spent many a day and evening following

us and a big thanks to Skippy for getting us around safely.

The last joke of the 2015 Fastnet "What jumps from cake to cake and smells

of almonds? Tarzipan!"

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