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Crew member on GBR222 Aviva

1245hrs BST Having enjoyed breakfast at the Fastnet Rock, we are now enjoying aspinnaker lunch as we head straight for the Scilly Isles. With 110 milesto go and keeping our boat speed in double figures we were all happy, thatwas until a slight bump at 15 knots and a huge rushing of air into thekeel box. Everyone jumped up and Joff and I ran to check the keel.Tick the box it was still there, perhaps we have hit something and crushedthe front fairing plate, endoscope went down to check underneath." Meanwhile on deck, cool calm Brian suggested we sock the spinnaker and getthe boat going in reverse, so anything wrapped round our keel could getfree and float away. A few minutes of struggling with huge acres of sailcloth and we were moving backwards, far from ideal but the guys sawsomething float free and before we knew it all was well and we were backup to speed with all guns blazing and no nasty noises. It just goes to show how much rubbish there is in our oceans and also howsome rational thinking and a small sacrifice can reaps huge rewards.Scilly Isles, here we come!! Dee and Team Aviva