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Crew Member on Jaguar Logic

Sailing is like a Crystal Maze.....

or so says Max Gill, crew member on Jaguar Logic. He describes Sailing is like a crystal maze: a physical challenge one day, a mental challenge the next!

Jaguar Logic are just round the tip of the Scillies at the moment, neck and neck with Bare Knuckles a Prima 38. They seem very happy crew this afternoon but are praying for wind. Please find attached some photos of Jaguar Logic a few moments ago.

Jaguar is travelling at 2.9 knots with just under a 100 miles to go now. The good news is that the leading boats in Class 1 already around the Lizard seem to have speeded up, showing that there is some wind somewhere, at last!

Puma Logic has been having a difficult time passing the Lizard but have now gone round to great relief to everyone onboard. On handicap, positions are very close at the top of the class so it is really anyones race until the finish line now. Puma has 47 miles to go and is travelling at 5 knots. This means her eta is at present is 11pm tonight. However, as soon as night falls, it is likely that the wind will die completely as it did last night so yet again, there are too many variables at the moment to determine exact eta's.

Playing Around meanwhile, having taken the southerly option seem to be moving and may have just tactically done very well. Time will tell but it seems that Peter maybe able to get past The Lizard on the same course without having to gybe which means that if the other yachts are having to, it will make them slower.