Rolex Fastnet Race Archives

Crew Member on EH01

I am reminded somewhat of 2005 (my last Fastnet race) when we spent many an hour adrift in the Celtic sea.This time when we had been praying for a stiff breeze to make the most of our rather unusual sail plan of either tri sail and fractional spinnaker or medium number one and tri sail we are becalmed smack in the middle of the tss off the Scilys.

So as boredom and frustration set in the crew discuss and tinker with renewed vigour on our rather sad looking mainsail. We did manage a hiost rounding Pantaenius but our initial eforts lasted a few minutes before we had to pull the main down and re hoist the tri sail. Still other than eat we dont have much else to do so out comes the gorilla tape,,needle and thread, shackes, line, spectra and whatever else we find may be of use to rebuild the head and top 1/5 of the sail which we have christened 'Steve Austin'after the bionic (we can re build him) man.

The ice on the outside of the glass, the clarity and number of the bubles and and the flavour of that first beer in Plymouth increase on an hourly rate.