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Prisilla, Queen of the Disco on Whisper

Blog 7

The Royal Western Yacht Club – Tonite – Be there or Be square

Following the unpleasantness over the Transbonder machine I thought it best to lie low. I am whispering to you from a little burrow I’ve made in the depths of a skip in the front of the camper boat. I know the tools have been searching for me but I’ve kept really, really quiet. Luckily I am wearing my butt exercising shoes so my time is not completely wasted. I presume they still work sitting down?

The floor is level again now that we’ve arrived. At least they didn’t shoot at us here, but two nice men came up in a little rubber boat, thumped against the wall of where I am hiding and flung a case of beer at the tools. I hope it hit that Rusty, my ex-boyfriend.

I have a little peep hole here so I was able to see the fabulous heart stoppingly gorgeous official man from the RORC who welcomed the tools on the boardwalk. They, of course, looked even glummer than usual. Maybe they’ve already missed the Slam Fastnet T-shirt vouchers and the beer coupons that I found yesterday!!!

The English Riviera! Omigod I am soooo excited. The Royal Western Yacht Club, indoor bathrooms, drinks with umbrellas and probably the royal family. Does the younger one go camper boating, I wonder? Floppy says ‘yaaah’ exactly the same way so may be they were at school together and he could introduce me? Princess Prisilla, Omigod I don’t even want to think about it.

Noooooooow I’ll just finish filling in this membership application form for the RORC and post it, put my Moonwalk trainers, white socks, fake tats and hit the fabulous disco bar with all these beer coupons.

I must listen to my heart and so, unless Hugo Boss want me to help them navigate their camper boat, I shall follow my dream. Love does not come cheap, but luckily Daddy is still a director of the World bank. My travels are only beginning……………I’m just going to luff up and blog off!

Au revoir,

Prisilla, Queen of the Disco

P.S Prisilla Lomasney (Miss) unreservedly apologises to any living person she has offended through her diary entries (you know who you are).