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Puma Logic finishes Rolex Fastnet Race

Fantastic news from Plymouth. Puma Logic has completed the Rolex Fastnet Race, after a very slow and tortuous last few miles with little wind and a turning tide.

They crossed the line at 1.30 am this morning, with Philippe's Mum and Dad in their own yacht guiding them back to port, after finishing.

A very tired but jubilant crew were met by friends and family on the dock side and their first words were - where's the beer tent?!!

Puma Logic came a very creditable 10th in IRC Class1 overall and second in Division 1A, which is marvellous. The only yacht to be ahead of them in this division was Quokka, a Corby 36.

Meanwhile, still out on the race track, Playing Around Logic have the finish in their sights but have no wind, in fact, absolutely nothing. It is a glass-like sea at the moment, without a ripple to be seen anywhere. However, there is wind coming from the South-west which means that all the yacht still racing someway behind them have now got breeze and are scooting along. Peter and his crew have only 6 miles to go, so hopefully they can ghost across the line in the next couple of hours nefore the rest of the fleet start to catch them up. Everyone is willing them on down here in Plymouth and the Puma crwe have already gone and got the beers in - I am sure they can probably smell it!

Jaguar Logic has had another very slow night due to the lack of wind, but they now have breeze and are moving again. They are coming up to the Lizard and are moving at nearly 7 knots which is great. It will certainly put a smile on the cres faces this morning. They have moved up to 26th place and have wuite a few yachts around them which is good for getting maximum boat speed!

The latest eta we have for Jaguar at present is 3pm this afternoon.