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Crew Member on ICAP Leopard

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Captain’s Blog – 11.08.09 Fastnet Race 2009

......and the dish RAN away with the spoon. RAN currently leading on handicap with ICAP Leopard lying 5th. An exciting night on board. Not quite Edna Everidge at the Hammersmith Palais, but more cries of left and right from the nav station, you would think you were in Mike Tyson’s training camp. We rounded the Fastnet Rock at 01.26 this morning ‘by the light of the silvery moon’ some 35 miles ahead of Beau Geste and RAN. Always a memorable event, rather like my first kiss on Porthchapel Beach!

Chance for a chat with the gorgeous ‘stop calling me’ Shirley Robertson, she of the double Olympic Golds who was the RORC’s siren on the Rock. A big thanks to the RORC team who will endure a long wait in Plymouth before this race is over as most of the fleet is still trying to get round Land’s End. Currently we are 40 miles ahead and slowly stretching our lead sailing at 10 knots on an easterly gybe having decided to keep close to the rhumb line and sticking to that old maxim. Sorry, can’t think of one, too long at sea and the alzheimers is kicking in.

Our ETA in Plymouth is Wednesday morning. Crew are telling wives and girlfriends that it will be Thursday, all hoping for a good night out in Plymouth ‘on the Hoe'.

Love to family and friends,

Mike and all on Leopard


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Crew member on GBR7236R Ran

Tuesday 22.30 Ran: Land o-hoy! - we have Lands Ends off Port Beam - we told you we'll be back. For the last 4H we have been sailing side by side to the Open 60 BT. They are very fast downwind in the about 13-15 knots that we have had so they closed in on us across the Celtic Sea. Although they are racing their own race who would want to be passed by BT? - we won't for sure! We have continuesly had a fresh breeze of about 12-16 knots now and we are doing 11-16 knots - you even know without looking at the instruments since Ran's keel is humming at that speed (we love that sound) We have also got into some lovely tide which will be turning behind us. We just had some instant coffee which is one of the new things we have on Ran for this race - it's been very welcome among the team despite the extra weight ;-). Checking on our competitors we are doing well keeping Luna Rossa (who is what we are most worried about) behind us with about 30 miles on the rhumb line and Rosebud a few miles behind them. Beau Geste got into the new preassure and the tide before us so they have stepped away from us a bit, on corrected time we are well ahead of them however :-) - So life is good on Ran for the moment apart from the stress that they may catch up. Next critical moment will be the tidal gate at The Lizards. Our plan is for that gate to slam shut after we have passed ;-) Please Wind don't die out on us again before Plymouth as you did before we reached Fastnet - our nerves can't handle it.

Crew member on USA48000 Sjambok

We just rounded the Fastnet rock! There was a lot of mist, I would sayabout half a mile of visibility. So it took us quit a while before wesaw what we were hearing for the last hour.

Everybody was eager to see the rock so for the crew it was a bit likecounting down for new year. And then suddenly out of nowhere in the foggysky we saw the beaming of the lighthouse showing us the way. Ofcourse weneeded Marius to tell us which way around "Fastnet Rock, round to port"so, how much easier can it be?

We are now on our way to avoid all the other boats while heading for theScilly's (we will try to avoid the Mermaid on St Marry's).

Wet greetings


Crew Member on Star Chaser

Life is good

How much better can life get?

Racing the Fastnet race on a great boat, with a fantastic crew, we're actually having a good breeze and sailing quite nicely, sun's been shining, some delicious fresh pasta coming up and we just got joined by our second pod of dolphins!

Crew's all excited!

Let's hope for that forecasted shift now and we've got all we need for the night!

Marlies Sanders



Crew Member on Whisper

Blog 4

Better gay than grumpy!

Hello boys!

What a lovely, lovely day I’ve had. Ever since Julia Roberts took up knitting – there is nothing that I’d rather do and guess what? This morning I found a whole drawer full of knitting wool in the most divine colours. Well i just locked myself away in a dark corner to knit a lovely surprise for that wonderful, wonderful navigator fellow Lildi. Just finished, I had to make it a teensie bit short because I’ve finished ALL the wool. Wont that be a lovely surprise?

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