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Crew member on GBR8408 Festina Lente

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24 hours to go.

Festina has been back from her Hebridean cruise for 9 days now - and the time has been spent flat out changing her from cruising to racing mode. It is one of life's mysteries how this process can take so long - but suffice to say she is nearly ready - which is just as well as it is 24 hours to the start of the Fastnet race.

At my age I really should have got all this racing business out of my system , but sad to say I am really quite excited at the prospect. Chris , my co-skipper , arrives in a few minutes straight from a windy Cowes week so it is refreshing to know that there is someone on board even crazier than me!

Hopefully, if Neptune does not keep us too busy ,and if I can find my glasses (!) I will be reporting from the race . RORC have a tracker on their website , and with our new AIS we can be spotted on the AIS website , so if anyone is interested there will be plenty of opportunities to follow our mistakes.

Bring it on!