Rolex Fastnet Race Archives

Crew member on GBR4545R Fraxious

Not a good start.

Our prop fell apart in the Hamble River on the way out. Rescued by Dan

Sanders in Pindars rib. Hoisted out at HYS. Paul Heyes of Key Yachting

kindly lent us an old prop, quickly fixed, by Jack Fenwick then hoisted in

and off to the races again.

But no, that prop failed too. So, towed back by HYS hoisted out, Mr Heyes

provided used prop no 2, hoisted in again and off to the start for the third

and last time.

Started two hours late but in the race.

All credit to Paul Heyes, HYS and Fraxious's never say die crew - especially

Jack Fenwick the ultimate boat fixer.