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After the Needles we continued onto passing Pool constantly sailing closer to land. Passing the over fall next to St Albans, south of Pool, has been very tactical because of the strong tide which we needed to make sure to work in our favour. We have made good gain from our competitors Beau Geste (on the picture) and Alegre just behind us. We are sailing onto Portland bill, just south to Weymouth. We are about 2 miles away. After this point we will head Start point outside of Dartmouth, about 60 miles away from now.

The sun is still with us, the sea is less rocky than earlier, we have had 3 knots of tide with us giving us close to 14 knots of speed over ground. Not bad for a start! We have seen the two 100 footer Leopard and Rambler boats pass us, even if they started after us! #end

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