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Crew member on GBR4778R EH01

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Some titbits from onboard EHO1 - Global Yacht Racing.

We have had the mainsail down to effect a repair to a torn batten pocket

before the wind got up on the second night up and we managed it just before

the first shower of the race hit us - lucky! Repair looks good and we think

it will hold so long as we don't flog the main.

Moral is good, crew are still in the tired stage although getting over that

now and working hard now on trim and boat speed. The Russians onboard have

broken out the dates but so far no more dried fish or raw bacon....

Skipper had a small sense of humour failure this morning after throwing a

bowl of muesli around the saloon...twice!

Busy night in the Celtic sea, 28+kts winds, down to the No 3 with 2 reefs

and punching some biggish waves. Pretty wet all round but crew OK. Slight

water issue as we have blown a tank so down to emergency rations, got

quarter litre per day each assuming 48 hours to finish....just checking the

weather to see if its gonna get hot! After that its UHT milk half a bottle

of cola and the oranges, thankfully we can get some rehydration from the

food and since we are not using freeze dried we don't need water to cook.

Looking forward to a cold beer ummmmmmm. Probably give the Russian dried

fish and salted ham a miss from here on in.