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Crew member on GBR1367R KORU

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[Note: this post is slightly delayed due to unreliable comms at the Rock

and on the way back]

Wed 0859 precisely and we are round ... and in good company. As we

approached the Fastnet Rock we could see lots and lots of boats

streaming away under spinaker looking stunning in the glorious sunshine,

but even better we could see many more boats working their way up behind us!

Since we left the Lizard and Lands End we have seen more dolphins than

boats, and where we also saw a couple of the enormous multihulls already

on their way home.

So now, mightily encouraged and armed with a new and favourable

forecast, the crew are trimming the kite inch-in inch-out and looking

very every bit like we are going to be able to keep this up until we

cross the line - well Bishop Rock maybe. OK, well until right now, the

Pantaeneus bouy is here already and the shout has just come to drop the


All is well on Koru, any trace of seasickness forg§otten, and everyone

fired up for the return - and variously pints of beer, champagne and /

or Perroni (and maybe a nice long bath) when we get in!

More to follow...