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Crew member on SUI1957 Near Miss


Les 5 premieres heures de courses ont ete exceptionelles.

Tout d abord un depart dans le Solent avec vent et courant a tirer des

bords avec une belle bagarre avec Pace, l'autre TP52.

La magie du Solent a opéré avec tous ces bateaux entrain de s extirper

vers les Needles. Croiser des VOR 60 et les VO70 nous rapelle les

différentes générations qui s'emploient a faire vivre ces légendes de la


De meme que la côte sublime avec ce ciel parfait, sans presque un nuage.

Merci aux oragnisateurs pour cette parfaite organisation !

A bord tout va bien. Du prés et encore du prés. ca tape beaucoup mais le

courant devrait s'inverser donc la mer devrait diminiuer, tout comme notre

vitesse vers le but. Pas grave c'est pris en compte dans notre ETA.

n a perdu notre petit camarade de jeu Pace qui a fait demi tour. Ce sera

plus dur de comparer nos vitesses maintenant et c'est un piment en moins

dans la course. Ce ne sera que partie remise.

L'heure du premier repas est encore loin. Seuls quelques sncaks et

sandwichs ont circulés sur le pont. Vivement un peu de chaud. Notre chef

du bord nous prépera les lyophals du soir. Surprise du chef donc !

Ca tape fort encore a l interieur. il est temps de reprendre un peu d aire



inSide Near Miss, TP2 , SUI 1957

Crew member on GBR8408 Festina Lente

We're off

It's a relief to be on our way , albeit with the wind acting off script ( the mother of all sea breezes giving us 25 knots thro the Needles Channel) and a missed tidal gate at Portland. Our furling headsail is fine up to 20 knots because we can keep it open - but as soon as we furl it its shape doews not match up to all the swish racers with their flat blade jibs. Nonetheless we caught up when they had to change headsails so as ever its wings and roundabouts.

Currently we are the most right hand boat in the fleet . We think the second most right hand boat is Chris Tibbs - so fingers crossed that we might get our NW shift.

Wether or not we do get it - we are committed to the inside passage at Portland. So the next hour or so should be fun- or disastrous.

I will let you know which one!

Crew member on GBR8408 Festina Lente

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24 hours to go.

Festina has been back from her Hebridean cruise for 9 days now - and the time has been spent flat out changing her from cruising to racing mode. It is one of life's mysteries how this process can take so long - but suffice to say she is nearly ready - which is just as well as it is 24 hours to the start of the Fastnet race.

At my age I really should have got all this racing business out of my system , but sad to say I am really quite excited at the prospect. Chris , my co-skipper , arrives in a few minutes straight from a windy Cowes week so it is refreshing to know that there is someone on board even crazier than me!

Hopefully, if Neptune does not keep us too busy ,and if I can find my glasses (!) I will be reporting from the race . RORC have a tracker on their website , and with our new AIS we can be spotted on the AIS website , so if anyone is interested there will be plenty of opportunities to follow our mistakes.

Bring it on!

Crew member on GBR4545R Fraxious

Not a good start.

Our prop fell apart in the Hamble River on the way out. Rescued by Dan

Sanders in Pindars rib. Hoisted out at HYS. Paul Heyes of Key Yachting

kindly lent us an old prop, quickly fixed, by Jack Fenwick then hoisted in

and off to the races again.

But no, that prop failed too. So, towed back by HYS hoisted out, Mr Heyes

provided used prop no 2, hoisted in again and off to the start for the third

and last time.

Started two hours late but in the race.

All credit to Paul Heyes, HYS and Fraxious's never say die crew - especially

Jack Fenwick the ultimate boat fixer.