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Crew member on GBR6709R J-T'Aime

Hello to all from the good ship Jt'aime a J109

We are a multinational crew of Finnish (once invaded by its neighbor to the right)' more on this later, a young French chap who has not yet mentioned garlic, galloise or Napoleon, an American and as he is skipper and owner we have not mention the old tea party, a Scottish chap from the blue half of Glasgow so we have not mentioned the boys yet, a few northerns from Doncaster (Kevin Keegan country) and me someone once said that you needed someone with good looks on board so Tipperary Joe (me) came on board.

We an all male crew (sorry ladies) and we hope to finish sometime Thursday evening.

We gave most of yesterday finalizing minor items and getting the food on board. The food is my domain. Sweet and sour chicken tonight with rice, apple pie for desert.

The team are

Chris - skipper and helm

Bob our router

Ian - helm

Simon - trimmer

David - main sail trimmer

Tempo - helm

Joe - halyards and galley

Ronan - bow

We will update our blog later today.

Love to all.

Joe Sutton