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Crew member on GBR4778R EH01

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Preparations for the start

The start day has arrived! The yacht is a hubbub of excitement as crew busy themselves stowing gear and doing last minute checks. The yacht qualified by doing the Caribbean 600 race last February and so the crew are really happy to be back together. They are an international bunch and we have worked out that there are ten different nationalities on board including English, Welsh, German, Austrian, Hungarian, Turkish, Argentinian, Canadian, American, French and Greek but since most met in New York so there is no problem with communication. All of them are looking forward to this iconic race.

1 hour to go and the wind is picking up, the sun is out and the multi hulls have just taken off. Lunch has fuelled the crew ready for the big start, with 79 in our class this is going to be a busy start line. Everyone is alert and ready traffic in the Solent is increasing and we are counting down to the big race start!