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Crew member on OMA07 Oman Air - Musandam

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Banging the shore is the sailing term , and for an hour after the start of the Fastnet, the multihulls lead the fleet out of the western solent against an adverse current, short tacking in the shallows of the lymington shore much to the delight of the spectators, but a bit stressful for the navigators calling the tacks as the depth sounders indicate the minimum depth for each boats draft

Hurst castle signaled the exit and leaving a collection of moored spectator boats behind, Spindrift and ourselves on OMANAIR MOD70 finally streched our legs and let loose in perfect conditions, the Needles white a gleaming in the midday sun,Christchurch bay, Anvil head head with its ancient fossil ridden rocky headlands, and with 5knts of current now with us at Portland bill, in flat water and a perfect 18knts of breeze we are flying 2 of our 3 hulls along the south coast, England has reserved its best for us today.

Ahead Start pt, the Lizard and the West , and its feels good to be starting another race , adventure with this team.