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Crew member GBR42N La Reponse

07.30 BST La Reponse. GBR42N.

It has been a good night on the boat! At 8pm we started our watch system to keep the crew fresh which involves 2 watches with 3 hour rotation over night and 4 hour rotation during the day. We settled down to a great dinner of Cottage Pie at approximately 8pm which was rapidly devoured. (Except one that went for a tumble in the oven causing a bit of a mess!!) The dilemmas of cooking whilst healed over have been discovered by some. 

Driving has been shared between the team over night and wind conditions dropped to 8kts and we considered peeling our Jib to Code 1. However we checked the weather and decided to hold out for 15 minutes as we could see that further down the track more wind was recorded. This filled in and has steadily picked up so we are back up to a max of 18kts, and we were quite pleased not to have changed!

We have made quick progress over night and are now south of Plymouth after having made the tidal gates along the coast of the UK. It must be getting close to breakfast time now...we are feeling hungry!