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Crew member on OMA07 Oman Air - Musandam

Hello, hello...

Climbing, and climbing all the way to the Mount Fastnet! It is like if one side of the mountain was verry " rocky" and the other side smoother, on starboard we are facing the waves and on portwe are along the waves nice and smooth.

Starboard is not so comfortable but we can,t complain, if we climb to the top it is to run down quicker!

Every one is OK onboard, our young Omani lady: Raya, she is doing better than surviving for her first offshore race. It is nice to do this upwind leg in a warm wind, it would be different if the 30 knots apparent wind were colder, specially for her.. She is doing a great job, helped by her godmother Dee Caffari.

In the race we are surprisingly close to the big boats, we must have done a descent night, the wind was not consistent, up and down, still 6 hours to the summit and then we will be able to slide down. One last difficulty will be to choose from wihich side of the separation zone we will approach the Fastnet as it is straight between us and the Rock. Difficulties are fun!

All right Mr Mac Donald is waiting for a change at the helm as I saw on the screen that his future team (Abu Dhabi) is leaded by the by SCA the Ladie,s team for the Volvo Race, Go the Girls!!!