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First night over and we are wondering whether we may have had something

wrapped around the keel, we were really struggling for speed at times

during the night.

On the plus side we saw Dolphins!! I like Dolphins, I have seen them a few

times now, it looks like a great life to me, swimming about playing with

boats. They arrived at first light and were playing in the bow and stern

waves, we started going better so I wonder if they cleaned the keel for us?

I have found myself a nice office/bunk where I can watch everything that is

going on. As you may have guessed I am more of a management Bear, I am too

small to use winches and things, as I proved at the Commodores Cup at the

winching contest. If I was bigger I would have won... Honest.

Time for me to go back on Deck, Yves might be a bit concerned that I have

learnt how to use the Sat Phone. The French keyboard is challange for paws

as well. Crew is in good spirits and we aren't too far from Lands End.

Scene of my navigation blunder last year.

Au Revoir from T Bear