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Crew member on GBR7950R Loco

Welcome to the Team Loco first blog post for Fastnet 2013. We're only on

day 2 and we've already celebrated a birthday (cake isn't the easiest

thing to slice an distribute with leather man), spotted a few dolphins,

along with a turtle and a roast chicken... but to be fair the latter two

may have been seen in the clouds. We're about to make our way around the

Scilly Isles and so far we've sailed without any drama at all (aside from

discovering there's no milk on board and thimble sized rations of diet

coke... We're fairly sure the audible gasps were heard in Plymouth around

10pm last night at watch changeover). Sailing last night under a very dark

sky barely lit by the new moon which sat low on the horizon made for

instinctive helming, guided by pretty savvy navigation and an alert crew

on spotting duty for fishing trawlers and huge tankers. The dark sky made

the incredible phosphorus show around Loco even more magical though. The

crew are all happy ('milk gate' aside) and healthy. Today has been sunny

and spirits are high. We're all looking forward to putting a tack in to

head up to the rock! We'll update you tomorrow. Team Loco