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Crew member on GBR8872R Challenger 2

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Fastnet Rack Wrap.

For Challenger 2 crew, whether a passion, a pilgrimage or a part of dream,

the Fastnet Race holds a fascination, it's a mission for this amazing team.

A race has brought together this motley crew taking part.

An adventure, not because it is there, but because they can, and we start.

Now we compete.

We have practised our safety drills and hope to not use them; we have honed

our evolutions and readily complete them.

Adopting the sailor lifestyle takes time aboard. We follow the sea regs. and

find our sea legs, we eat and sleep at 45 degrees and adapt accordingly.

The constant checks on well being and 'humorous' jibes from the skipper and

mates keep each of us smiling and safe.

24 hours in and we are as the Skipper says 'so hot', we rock.

We can see others around us, often behind us, and those whom we can't see

and down South in another sea.

And so the passage plans alter because the weather dictates so, and

decisions are made to alter the way we will go. Rip it apart, be smart, set

the pace, game is on.

Of course this is secret and cannot be shown, look on the yellow box if you

are at home!

Adam Tuffnell

Skipper - STV Challenger 2

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GSM: +44 (0)7876 143226


Call Sign: ZQCM6


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