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Crew member on USA45 Bella Mente

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We have been sailing along nicely in 9-13 knots of breeze with Ran

breathing down our necks. They were gaining on us for a couple of hours

but we seemed to have stopped the bleeding and are now in the same breeze

as them. We think Ran may of had an issue with a sail a few hours back,

but we just had our own struggle with a sail change. We were changing

kites when we had an issue with the halyard that was preventing us from

taking it down. But a little luck helped us out and we got it sorted.

It has been nice going downwind this morning and people have been able to

get a bit more rest. Tonight still promises to be a long one and we have

some work ahead of us in the next few hours to get around the exclusion

zone just outside the Scilly Islands.



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