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Crew member on GBR8338 With Alacrity

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T+48hours with alotofstars!

Originally booked for our return across the Irish Sea, Mr and Mrs dolphin and their pod put in an extra special appearance just before Lands End. A beautiful addition to a near perfect day.

As most of you keen backseat WARTers will be aware, we chose the more radical but much more scenic route north as we fell off the end of England. The plan was perfect, the execution slightly thwarted by a cheeky drop in wind. But hey ho that's what it's all about.

A magical nighttime sail across a gentle rolling swell. The stars came out to play tonight and we didn't have enough wishes to supply the hundreds of shooting stars. Sailing in conditions like this are truly special and unique.

This morning saw the timely guest arrival of Captain Hindsight. Every yacht has one of these and they are so much more verbose when things are slightly on the wonk. His especially observant quote of the day was "it would be so much better if we were 10miles further on".

Daybreak found us slopping around bleary eyed in 5knots of wind. 2hours of depressing wallow before the breeze kicked in and the committee led tactical decision sent us scooting north-westish towards a bank of rainy looking clouds. I will at this point raise the second (and slightly more concerning) quote of the day which comes from Rockstar Wrighty who, if it rains, will be "stripping down to his all-together and "sudding-up" in the cockpit". The rest of the crew has been put on immediate notice!

With light-ish winds and a lulling sea the WARTs are taking the opportunity to catch up on some well earned zzzzzs.

Today's stats:

Tea bag count - 98

Times Skippy has fiddled with his instrument - 467

Average crew sleeping hours - 8

Chocolate consumed by Karen (sorry Ellen not good news) - 6