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Crew member on GBR1007L Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds are Forever rounded the rock at 1024 DST Wednesday. Having come out the other side of a dark night it was great that the sun came out at the exact moment we rounded the rock. It had been a surprisingly difficult night with slightly more wind than forecast and the anticipated poor vis. Never the less we ploughed through with a reef in the main beam on to the sea. We had a chat with "Hooligan" on the radio during the night when they were on their way back! With the visibility as poor as it was there was a lot of boat to boat coms going on between in bound and out bound fleets going head to head. All on board in good spirits and glad to be heading for Plymouth!

Picture Susan Glenny (Skipper) and Nicola Henderson (1st Mate) Girls for Sail instructors.

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