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Crew member on GBR39R Magnum III

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After rounding the Scilly isle in a 14 knot breeze we hoisted the A2 for the

final run past the Lizard and into Plymouth. With this came the unexpected

news that we were leading IRC overall, this position held for some time

although we have lost and regained the lead several times to the Ker 39 Inis

Mor and the 47.7 Moana. Currently we have just completed our final gybe

around 30 miles outand are pushing extremely hard to get every last tenth of

a knot to secure the good result we are currently holding. Hopefully the 16

knot breeze pushing us along at 10-15 knots will hold allowing us to finish

in the next few hours and make up some time on our better-rated competitors.

During our run we picked up some passengers with us. Dolphins, Basking

Sharks and a variety of sea birds have also been seen from our boat, but

none this close up!

Next stop, Plymouth!

Henry Sheppard

MCM Magnum III