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Crew member on NED118 Winsome

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We finally finished knowing that a 10th place would the best we could achieve in the Rolex Fastnet Race 2013. We came closer indeed to Mefisto, but never less than 3,5 Nm whereas we had to finish ahead of them based upon our TCC's. When we finished we were recorded as 10th but two hours later we discovered that Breeze managed to pass on our corrected time by just 28 seconds. Our final place became therefore 11th.

What we did not know is that we did win the S&S Trophy. I believe that we had no more than 5 S&S design boats in this race. The last time we received this price was in 2005. The years thereafter it was steadily won by the beautifull Spanish or Israelian (?) S&S Desperado. After I collected this somewhat overrated trophy on the podium, I asked the Rolex Director if he did not think that this price was at least worth a very mall Rolex, even a tiny one without diamonds or other brilliants. He smiled and said that I should perhaps look better into the trophy itself. You will understand the rest. I never looked.

Though this was oine of Winsome's less succesfull Rolex Fastnet Races, we have had no remorse feelings on anything in this race. The waves in combination with not sufficient wind, made it impossible to keep pace with the modern much lighter boats, especially with their JPK's 10.10. We have tried to find some consolation in the fact that we have kept 75 boats behind us.

In the meantime Boj and Peter Morton announced their intention to participate in the Rolex Fastnet Race 2015. That is very good news in an early stage. Last but not least I wish to make mention of the fact that our loyal supporter Amanda Oliver awaited us in Plymouth, acting again as a volunteer to RORC. Still we have not met her children Andrew and Isabella, but that may happen before Andrew will get his driving licence.

We started to motor back from Plymouth to Cowes and only after we passed Bill of Portland, we set our sails and killed the engine. It took us 98,5 hours. It took David O. May nearly 104 hours in 1971 with a 13th place in IRC-4 Class. Mind you in that time and age Winsome was one of the larger boats in the fleet.

I thank Leen, Paul, Boj, Reima, Floris and Joost N for crewing Winsome this race in an enthousiastic and skilfull way.

ps we saw a whale!

Harry Heijst