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Crew member on USA60545 Persevere

Sunday 17:22

Just as everyone else we had a pretty light start, starting at 13:20 in

Cowes. We came a little late over the line and tacked west out of the

solent. The start was pretty exciting with all of the other boats around


Dan our bowman wanted me to mention that he would have preferred a little

bit more attention from the Helicopter's media team.

As we exited the Solent we saw, what we believed at the time to be Lucky,

who recently won line honors in the transatlantic race, with their jib

down, and main flogging. We think that they may have ventured too far out

of the channel and run aground. Let's hope that they are all safe.

Stuart has just taken the helm over from Mike who is cooking Mac and Cheese

for dinner. At the moment we are heading 228 degrees with the medium heavy

jib up making decent speed.

Matt, our navigator, would like to stay close to the Rhumb line for now so

our plan for the next couple of hours will be to tack alongside it.

Out watchsystem consists of two watches: Starboard and Port watch. During

the day we have two 6 hour watches and at night we are doing 4 hours on 4

hours off. Next switch will be at 20:00 tonight.

That's it for now. Will try to check in regularly.