Rolex Fastnet Race Archives

Crew member on GBR4778R EH01

The second day of the Rolex Fastnet and EH01 was greeted with a fantastic

sunrise to match the lovely sunset that rounded off the first day. Overnight

saw very light breezes and the crew did a great job transitioning from the

J2 to the A1 then another peel to the A2 this morning, well executed it has

to be said, and we are sure there will be more of these tactical sail

changes throughout the race keeping us all on our toes.

Overnight was tough, its hard to manoeuvre in light winds like a tiny little

fairy when you are dressed in so many layers you look like the michelin

man!! We did our best and hope it all helps in the race to the Fastnet rock

and on to Plymouth.

The reach on the A1 this morning was a welcome change to the drifting

overnight, (so bored were some that snoring could be heard on the rails!)

and we are now a few miles south of Start Point and the conversation has

shifted from ginger nuts to the weather GRIBS and what the weather may do in

the next few hours. The fleet has split with many heading inshore whilst we

maintain our routing slightly offshore.

The crew welcomed the distraction of sighting 3 dolphins as we sit in the

middle of a mill pond baking in the sunshine. Rail games have started, the

classic eye spy now surpassed by the more sophisticated "skipper went

shopping and bought?" unfortunately some on the list may cause offence to

those not from the UK.... I never would have thought that of a kit kat


The next few hours will bring some more light and sh**e winds so here's

hoping we can find a way through. It is currently scorchio on deck, so it's

with suns out guns out and we must away, we talkin' or are we racin'!