Rolex Fastnet Race Archives

Crew member on GBR4778R EH01

As day 2 ended, so did some of the rail chatter, after the 'skipper shopping

trip' game I think the crew had fried their brains through overuse in the

sun. The breeze kicked in briefly later in the day, with a few overnight

doldrum patches to follow, J2 continues to be the sail of choice or more


with constant tweaking overnight to squeeze the best out of EH01. We are

making progress but slow and waiting for the so called heavy weather warning

we are currently sitting in apparently!! hmmm....

Another beautiful sunset and sunrise, with the sunrise on day 3 came a

huge pod of dolphins playing alongside the boat much to the delight of the


watch. At change over, the new watch, of course had dolphin envy and

refused to believe us, so no dolphins for them apparently.. then as we took

our watch back like clockwork another huge pod of dolphins turn up. We are

now the self appointed "Dolphin Watch" and have video and photographic

evidence for the non-believers.

The main concern as we drift along today the sad news Ali's mums cakes are

finished!! There are a lot of crew who have bought treats that run up the

rail to keep us all going as we plod along; Karen with her bag of boiled

sweet treats and after 8am / 8pm daily we have Ballsies 'After Eight Mints'

and then the special after dinner treat of Ali's mum's home made cake,

Jamaican ginger, Banana lemon drizzle, lovingly cut into 13 individual

slices which have gone down well with everyone. The crew sends a big thank

you to mum the master baker for such a lovely treat! And if its not too

much, a special request, could you quickly bake another and dinghy it out to

the south of the Isles of Scilly asap we will be here a while waiting! :)

Fastnet and Furious crew signing off at a not so fast or furious 3 knots,

'we drift to