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Crew member on GBR8217T Juno IV

day 3


approaching scilly isl. water flat. light very "Turnery"

it feels good to be back in the pack.

light is very "Turnery" this morning. great back light photos.


wind come up a bit, we tack and go north. we are passing st martin , isl of scilly., heading north parallel to the tss. very little to do on deck today. but we are making progress, catching up litle boats. swell is light.

1400-2000- the weather is shifting: clouds appearing. wind backing a bit. pleasnt watch on rail

the crossing of the celtic sea at night will be a different story. - on rail for 4hours under rain, going against the wind..i got sick. but stayed on as we are close to fastnet.

Crew member on GBR8217T Juno IV

day 4 - wednesday the day we

rounded the rock.

we got close to ireland shore and tack to get to fastnet rock.

the sea is rough, and going upwind doesnt help.

as we passed the fastnet, juno Iv had to defend its position.

once we passed fastnet i got some much needed rest.

the ride back to uk is gentle, waves are rolling us, dolphins are there to entertain us.

during the night we pass near scilly isl.

our kite is torn appart. we ll put the second one up

Crew member on GBR3015 McGregor IV

Day 5: For those interested in our menagerie of imaginary animals, after our wet crossings to and from the Fastnet Rock we now have a well used absorbant sheep. And while the crew get down below with their panda pillows we have the rail penquins and AIS giraffe on deck.

Crew member on GBR8217T Juno IV

> day 2 - monday

> first photo:

> 08:00 time to get offwatch and sleep.


> second photo

> wind is scarce to say the least. we are drifting, it shows on plotchart.


> phto3:

> from 08:00-1400 i m off watch. time to enjoy the sun. has the fastnet been relocated to the med?


> 14:40 gentle breeze the rest of afternoon. spotted dolphins, of the coast of shoreham cove




> at night , we approaching lizzard point, last bit of uk mainland. kept busy all through the watch. great sense of achievment sailing this boat. we caught up a few boats in very low wind conditions. sailing at 5-6knt.

> apparently we made very good progress