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Crew member on GBR8338 With Alacrity

Wednesay's dawn was a welcome sight after the 120+ mile beat across a lumpy Irish Sea last night.

There was also some drama on the VHF with the 45' yacht 'Incisor' who lost most of their rig (mast and rigging) overboard and were escorted back to shore with their jury rig by one of the Irish lifeboats - happily all 13 of Incisor's crew are fine, but their race is over.

Our night was also a busy one - Jib change from #1 to #2, reef in the main, reverse and repeat! With the Irish coastline now coming into view its all worth  it ?.

Vanessa quickly getting the next GRIB (wind) file before we lost 3G coverage at Land's End

Next waypoint is 'The Rock' which we should reach in a couple of hours or so, then it's (nearly) all downhill from there to home!

Ian helming the 'sundowner watch' as we left Lands End

Fair winds,

Ian Luddington