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Crew member on OMA139 Oman Sail

Good morning to you all,

It is 6 in the morning at the time of writing.

Before I went to my bunk, we changed the spinnaker wth Fahad and Alex. From big '180 m2 to medium 160 m2.

Now Alex is at the helm doing over 15 knots most of the time, often 20.

Sami is sitting on a spinnaker bag, behind Alex. This is the first fast run for Sami… he is all right, even if resting is not easy. Everything is moved back in the boat, all the way back, near the rudders. We sleep on the floor, as far back as possible.

In less than 2 hours, we will be at the Scilly Islands, then we turn left for the last run to Plymouth. This one will be a wild run as we have to come up, closer to the wind, with more than 25 knots of wind.

We will have to drop the spinnaker and use small sails (J2).

This boat has never been so fast, no doubt!

Conditions are ideal, full moon at night, stars, shooting stars, crossing the smaller boats going upwind....that's a good feeling!