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Rolex Fastnet Race Archives

Blogs 2017

Crew member on GBR8338 With Alacrity

Day 2 dawned a little overcast, but spirits onboard were still high from

the memories of the solitary dolphin which had kept us company, dancing in

the silvery moon-lit waters of last night.

Tidal strategy is the name of the game today, and after a restorative

bacon roll and builders brew we have been sat on the rail enjoying the

beautiful South West coastline slip by, coming within safety-line throwing

distance of both the Portland Bill and Start Point headlands.

The crew on FRA25079 'Cheyenne' must be used to rock-hopping as they

continue to sail Westward within touching distance of the lee shore!

Barney (on the helm) is doing his very best to keep us safe, trading tacks

with a much-bigger-than-us J133 while the off-watch catch up on their

beauty sleep for a couple of hours.

Meanwhile in other news, Nancy is in trouble with the weight police for

bringing onboard a stowaway rock who she has named 'Fast Netty'. Had

better go and make another brew to distract people...