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Crew member on GBR815 Longue Pierre

Well it's been as predicted a busy first day and a bit. Not a bad start,

the video of which I will drop around to the media centre at the end of the

race. Left the Solent and headed west as per plan. For a time we were

along side the VO65 of team Brunel.

Next the de vision to go south. I must admit that if it were a race to the

Channel Islands we were looking good. So good there was serious thought

given to going south of the cascutes TSS.

At this point (and others in later blogs), I must take a moment to thank

Diane, who by the end of the race will have truly spoilt us with many fine


Probably later than ideal we tacked and started the dash west. So came

and went the night of many sail changes. Plymouth came and went and now we

oh so slowly edge toward the new wind whilst the dolphins