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Just in case you cannot make use of our fantastic deals with Musto, the Logo may be used by bona-fide competitors as follows:

2021 Rolex Fastnet Race Logo 200x246The Rolex Fastnet Race Logo (the "logo") may only be used by bona-fide competitors of the Rolex Fastnet Race. It is not permissable to use the logo to brand products or merchandise items of any kind (T-Shirts, Bags, etc) without prior permission of the Royal Ocean Racing Club or Rolex SA.

The logo may be affixed to competitor clothing or campaign websites in accordance with the guidelines below:

  • The logo may be reproduced only in the versions shown in these guidelines and may not be altered in any way

  • The logo should always have a bounding box or "clearspace" around it to seperate it from surrounding elements, with a minimum width equal to the height of the "Rolex Fastnet Race" text

  • The smallest size the logo can be applied is 5 centimeters wide, or, for screen representation, 150 pixels. The bounding box/clearspace still applies.

  • Whenever possible, the logo should be used on a white or neutral background. It is not allowed to use the logo on a pattern or photographic background, or on a background colour that is similar to the colours in the logo.

  • It is not allowed to stretch, cut apart, alter or change the logo in any way (including tilting, condensing, slanting, leaning)

Logo Downloads

ai2021 Rolex Fastnet Race Logo: Adobe Illustrator Format
eps 2021 Rolex Fastnet Race Logo: Encapsulated Postscript (eps) Format
pdf2021 Rolex Fastnet Race Logo: PDF Format

Official Clothing by MUSTO

Official clothing and footwear by MUSTOrfr partners suppliers musto 200

MUSTO is the Royal Ocean Racing Club's Official Clothing Supplier for the Rolex Fastnet Race and for the Cowes and London based club.

Musto have created a range of Rolex Fastnet Race merchandise which include T shirts and Polo shirts, jackets, caps and bags featuring the official race logo and strong Fastnet branding on the T shirt.

These are for sale in the Musto shop in Cowes and at the race village in Cherbourg.

MUSTO 2019 Rolex Fastnet Race Jacket  MUSTO 2019 Rolex Fastnet Race Jacket  MUSTO 2019 Rolex Fastnet Race Polo  MUSTO 2019 Rolex Fastnet Race CapMUSTO 2019 Rolex Fastnet Race Bag

Enquire now at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This offer is exclusively available to competitors in the Rolex Fastnet Race 2021. MUSTO reserves the right to vary, amend or revoke this offer at any time.

Rolex Fastnet Race Bag Drop Service

An organised Personal Bag and Sail Drop service to Cherbourg will again be available for all competitors at the 2021 Rolex Fastnet Race. There will be two drop off points: Hamble Yacht Services and Cowes Yacht Haven.

Competitors at this year’s Rolex Fastnet Race will be able to take advantage of the Sevenstar Bag and Sail Drop, which is being managed on behalf of the Royal Ocean Racing Club, by Activate Switch Limited. Teams will be waiting to take your personal crew bags and any boat sails from either Hamble or Cowes that need shipping to Cherbourg. Once at Cherbourg the bags and sails will be held securely in the Bag Drop marquee in the Race Village. All bags will be stored securely, with 24hr security and access, in a dry tented structure with solid wooden floors and shelves.

Locations & Times

The two locations and times available for teams to drop off bags and sails are:

Hamble Yacht Services (Hamble) - Saturday 7th August 16:00 to 19:00.

Cowes Yacht Haven (Cowes) - Sunday 8th August 07:00 - 10:00.

All ‘drop off’ sites will be in the main car parks. 

Bag Pick-Up

Open for collections - At the Rolex Fastnet Race Village, Cherbourg. 

SQUID Fastnet – Weather Services

Squid LogoGreat Circle is offering “SQUID Fastnet Edition” to all competitors in the Rolex Fastnet Race.

Competitors will have access to all models generally available in SQUID: new GFS, GEM and WaveWatch models. Observation, Synop and Metar.

The offer will also include, free of charge, the models from the European met offices: CEP 0.125, CEP 0.25, CEP 0.5 and HirLam (CEP forced high resolution by the Dutch KNMI).

The GCWF Ultra at very high resolution 1km for the exit of the Solent and Lizard point. Hi Res Current models from IBI MyOcean. Satelite images from Meteosat.

Routing services with your personal polar editor. SQUID features high compression algorithm to minimise air time for GRIB transfers.

The service will be available from 30th July – 14th August 2021 and would normally cost € 302.50 (VAT incl). Great Circle will be around during Cowes Week to provide support.

To take advantage of this offer fantastic offer please go to www.squid-sailing.com today and test the free version already, the Fastnet Edition will be available to all participants, at latest a week ahead of race start.