SQUID Fastnet – Weather Services

Squid LogoGreat Circle is offering “SQUID Fastnet Edition” to all competitors in the Rolex Fastnet Race.

Competitors will have access to all models generally available in SQUID: new GFS, GEM and WaveWatch models. Observation, Synop and Metar.

The offer will also include, free of charge, the models from the European met offices: CEP 0.125, CEP 0.25, CEP 0.5 and HirLam (CEP forced high resolution by the Dutch KNMI).

The GCWF Ultra at very high resolution 1km for the exit of the Solent and Lizard point. Hi Res Current models from IBI MyOcean. Satelite images from Meteosat.

Routing services with your personal polar editor. SQUID features high compression algorithm to minimise air time for GRIB transfers.

The service will be available from 30th July – 14th August 2021 and would normally cost € 302.50 (VAT incl). Great Circle will be around during Cowes Week to provide support.

To take advantage of this offer fantastic offer please go to www.squid-sailing.com today and test the free version already, the Fastnet Edition will be available to all participants, at latest a week ahead of race start.