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Crew member on GBR8338 With Alacrity

Well ... we made it ...

At approx 0930 we joined the pile up at el rockeo just as the wind went proper flakey and dodge. WA snuck through on the inside, were first of the gaggle to brave a kite hoist and were off and rockin'. Wind stayed fickle for the first hour and unusually unprepared we sat contemplating our navels before the wind suddenly filled to 20kts and there was a frantic scramble to peal to the shiny new heavy kite. In true Fastnet fashion, as soon as the manoeuvre was complete the wind died and we sat wallowing, contemplating our next move.

Currently barrelling down wind under full kite in tropical sunshine with yet more pods of our favourite finned friends on a straight line to the TSS. The team have taken the opportunity to chill out, catch some zzz's and enjoy cruising at its absolute best. Wrighty is loving his time on the wheel and currently competing with Skippy for title of max chat speed surfer. This little contest is bound to keep them amused until the small hours so we will be sleeping off watch to happy whoops of competitive joy.

7 sweaty bodies in a sealed, bobbing tupperware box for 3 days have left the good ship lollipop a bit pongy. Therefore, today has seen the collective change of pants and sweaty socks and the official wipe down of all things festy. Adrian's Saturday socks have been sealed in the lazerette and, taking one for the team, I have hand washed Skippy's feet. Despite a day of ablutions and tidy up, downstairs on WA does still smell a bit 'dog'. Recommendation is to avoid us at Plymouth as the collective have determined no showers in the interests of water rationing.

We have however, maintained our culinary standards and dined on smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, paninis for lunch and will shortly be breaking to take afternoon tea and cake. You'll all be relieved to know the dill has been found and will be waiting for us on our return to dry land. Even more of a relief was the repatriation of the missing kitchen knife which was returned from the foredeck after being launched with the No2. How it got there ... nobody knows. Weird things happen at sea.

At the rock, Fast Netty took the opportunity to reunite with old friends. Happy as Larry in her photo shoot she has taken the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of sailing and been adopted favourably by the rest of the crew ... even Skips has thawed to her presence and let her behind the wheel. Alarmingly we were informed of a social media push to give her the push and give her a quick lob to be reunited with her brethren. We are standing firm with true WART solidarity - one out all out; we started with 8 we finish with 8.

New for today ... Barney Hasselhoff has arrived onboard ... red shorts and california (dirty Cowes) tan. No volunteers as yet to take on the role of Pamela but he's ever keen. James is still sporting his alarming grandpa joe pants but, if his mother is reading this, he has been keeping his vitamin intake up (3 cherry tomatoes and a peach today alone) although there may be crew mutiny as he only awarded 7/10 for our last gybe, petulantly withholding 3 points as we 'didn't rouse him from his afternoon nap to help out'.

We shall keep up our hardcore relaxing for as long as the sun shines and wind is fair!

Late night update: OMG - a stonking nights sail. Humping downwind in 20+kts under clear starlit skies. All boats converging on the layline like water buffalo at the waterhole which did cause a peak on the Nancy-squeakometer when 2 boats decided on some midnight frisky business.


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