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Crew member on GBR8338 With Alacrity

Oh dear oh dear oh dear ... it was going so well!

Turned the corner at the TSS around 0630 and finally headed east towards the Scillies and home. Winds still fluffy but manageable until just after we past Bishops Rock. The last 7 hours have been spent chasing zephyrs in an annoyingly rolling swell. What was lost in wind was more than made up for in internet coverage and there has been a running commentary on the progress of the chasing pack. Whilst we languished at 2 JPPH (jellyfish past per hour) our main rivals have been carried down on a steady and fair breeze to within spitting distance and handicap advantages. Doh!

Ho hum! We've done all we can. Ness and James were sent weed clearing, Skippy has videoed his bottom, Adrian has inspected his eyelids, Barney has had a shave (electric shaver - essential kit? Discuss?), Lord Luds has done important work in the foredeck media editing suite. The evil cake of angelness has been released and Skips is high on enough e-numbers to sustain a herd of children and has been bouncing around like tigger. We even went so far to crack open the award winning cucumber we have been carrying for such conditions.

We'd just settled in with the Times crossword when the wind gods delivered and we went zero to hero, scooting along at 8+kts in a matter of minutes! 3rd perfectly executed peel of the race ... them there foredeck bunnies are getting good! Happy days!

Dinner is on, headland reaching objectives have been set, a 'night on the rail' dictum has been issued, Poldarkshire and its attractions are now well within range and team WART are enjoying the rip rollicking sequel to their outbound leg. All still very much to play for!

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