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Crew member on GBR8338 With Alacrity

Barney's weather runes have finally come good and all current weather information appears to be aligned. After the frustrations of earlier we hit Lizard Point just after 1900.

Early onset bonkerness appears to have set in and Skippy has definitely skipped. There is singing and dancing and chanting and laughing. Skips has scaled the dizzy heights of the boom to deliver a quasi sermon on the nautical mount. So much is our end. We scared off an overtaking french boat who, deciding we were all doolally-tat clearly detoured 50degrees downwind and headed for the hills.

Just off the Lizard we sailed through the mother-pod of dolphins, cloud of seagulls and, I presume, a bait ball of mackerel or some other poor unsuspecting fish. Pretty awesome stuff that just topped off a pretty awesome day.

Round the point, we ignored the peer-pressure of 80 other boats hotting up inshore to head low through the line of anchored ships. Another superb leg with team trim working their super special magic to fly the kite as tight as a tight thing in tight season with tight bits on.

We waited in anticipation for the rune-predicted drop and lift in wind which would serve our purposes for a jaunty angle into Plymouth and slow down our nearest and dearest competition. At about 2300 the weather fairies delivered. The tactics were brilliant, culminating as we rounded Rame Head lower than the boats inshore but in full breeze and trucking. We watched as the boats inshore under the headlands ground to a halt while we continued to sneakily eek our way to the finish.

It has been long, it has had it's upwinds and its downwinds but Team WART you are truly awesome! All of you are rockstars in your own 'special' and wholly unique right! Skippy you are our hero! Fast Netty - you rocked around the rock!

RORC Fastnet, once again you have delivered on fun, frolics, excitement and adventure. To 2019 ... let's face the music and dance!

P.S - for those of you considering a James, I can highly recommend upgrading to the 7.8 version which comes with a whole new range of experiential features!

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